In order to register at the website and to avail the services provided by RV COACHING from time to time through the Website or any other Media (Telephone research, SMS, Mobile Application or any other), Users are required to provide full name, residential address, office address, email id, date of birth, school name, parents details and other personal information.
The personal information provided by Users is used for:
• Customization of the content that a User can see
• Fulfillment of the requests of the User for a specific service
• Communication to address the requirements in an effective manner
This policy is applicable to the personal information provided by Users and its usage on varied Media. RV COACHING is committed towards the provision of privacy and confidentiality of the personal information that Users share through varied Media. This policy is to illustrate our belief in protection. The policies are not applicable to the processes of an organization that is not owned by rv coaching and individuals who are not employed or managed by rv coaching. Personal Information of Users is kept confidential and used only for purposes such as research, marketing, analysis of varied client objectives and internal process of rv coaching only. The personal information of Users is not sold or rented out except if you are a customer of the services offered through any Media of rv coaching

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